TExT Templates & Guides

The OXYL8 TExT Templates and Guides are free for you to download and use as you wish.  They are in (almost) final form – there may still be some gremlins to iron out and we hope the final versions will be available by first week in july (2024).

The Templates all come with an open-ended (free) licence from OXYL8 for you to not only use but to to modify/amend/improve as you require.

We do keep and maintain base copywrite on the orginal Template form.

If you have any ideas and suggestions – or ‘heaven forbid’ …. come across any errors – please do drop us an email at:-


TExT Templates

  • Word only Template - This Template is in pure 'vanilla' Word format. It contains all the sections and questions that are in the 'embedded' version (below) but will not perform calculations automatically
  • Word with Embedded Excel Template - This version of the Template is based on a Word format but some of the tables that are embedded are in Excel format. That means that LEV calculations are performed automatically.
  • Appendix for Partial Enclosures - This Appendix should be used for Partial Enclosures. This version is in pure Word only format.
  • Appendix - Partial Enclosures - Word with embedded Excel - This version includes embedded Excel tables. These will calculate the Average Velocity from any number of data points. And will calculate the +/-20% variation limits (and highlight values outside the limits)

TExT Template Guides

  • TExT Template Guide - Guide on how to use the TExT Templates. Covers standards and requirements for each section. Do read this Guide before submitting P601 TExT Reports!
  • Guide for Amending Templates - This simple guide sets out how to modify the Templates It also describes how to change the "Embedded" Excel Tables

Excel Embedded Tables

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