One-to-One Consultations with Tutors

You can now book a free personal Zoom/Teams appointment with our Tutors in the 4 months following attendance at one of our OXYL8 courses.

There are also pre-PAID or LONGER appointment options:-

FREE Appointment

If you have attended one of our OXYL8 courses in the past 4 months (excl P600 and Masterclasses) – you can book a free one-hour Zoom/Teams appointment with a Tutor.

This appointment can be used for a variety of purposes such as:-

  • seeking additional guidance or clarifications on the course

  • assistance with submission of Reports/Case Studies

  • guidance on any LEV related topic.

PAID FOR Consultations

If you have already utilised the free consultation – or if you require a more extended appointment/discussion:-

  • book either a 1-hour or a 4-hour block

  • fee is £125/hr (+VAT) for Tutor appointments and £200 (+VAT) for Principal Tutor

  • 4hr blocks at discounted hourly rate

  • Note: fees on Calendar Booking section are shown inc VAT

HOW To Book

  • Decide which Tutor would be most appropriate

  • then click on the Tutor’s block below

  • choose date and time slot from the Availability calendar

  • provide your contact details

  • [For paid appointments, you will be required to enter your credit card information at check-out]

Tutor Specialist Areas

Hazel Griffiths OXYL8 Tutor CoC(ControlHazel Griffiths

P601 TExT Submissions
TExT Formats
Auditing LEV Systems


Dan Colledge

Microbiological Safety Cabinets
Fume Cupboards
Pharma & Chem Industries
P602/P604 Queries


Louise Wood

P602 Case Studies
LEV Design



Bill Cassells

LEV Procurement & Management
LEV TExT Specification
LEV Auditing
LEV Design
Enforcement Issues


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