Competence …… Foundations

Competence is a critically important concept to understand.

It appears in many pieces of H&S legislation and of particular interest for LEV and Occ Hygiene practitioners ….. in various parts of the CoSHH Regulations.


There are so many ‘interpretations’ generally applied to this term; including Training, Experience, Knowledge, Ability etc that it might be of interest to start from basics and see if that helps to crystalise in our thoughts – the correct pathway to getting it right.

You can download the thoughts of “Chairman Bill” by following the link below.

Download full PDF Here:- Competency Jan23



Two warnings :-).

First, it is quite a long read.

Second it should be used as a thought-provoking document and one which should stimulate thoughtful (and hopefully ‘polite’) discussion.

Finally In time – I’ll prepare a more ‘applied’ document which will look at the practical application of what this means in LEV (and Occupational Hygiene) project work.

Feedback is most welcome – either by emailing me at – or leaving comments on the LinkedIn special interest group LEV Central.


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