Do We Need Indicators (Gauges/Monitors etc) on LEV Hoods? By Law?

Now that is an interesting question!

HSE’s FAQs on LEV state that “There isn’t a specific legal requirement to have airflow indicators or similar fitted to an extraction. But as an employer you do by law have to make sure your LEV system keeps working properly.

What exactly does that mean ….. and more importantly would HSE be likely to ask for gauges/indicators to be fitted?


Well the feedback we are getting is that many HSE Inspectors are asking for gauges to be fitted – especially so where the process is handling Band D or Band E substances – and not only to new installations – but also to retro-fit to hoods on existing systems.

So – is there a legal requirement to fit airflow indicators to hoods or not?

Can HSE really enforce the fitting of hood indicators?

What is the likely view of the Courts if we say “No”?

My suggestion – make a cup of tea, go into a darkened room and Download this article:– Hoods and Indicators? Required??.

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