HSE’s 2016/2017 (LEV Related) Inspection Plan

HSE issued an Engineering Sector news bulletin on 25th August 2016 in which they clearly indicate that Inspections in 2016/17 will be targeted at industries handling Carcinogens, Asthmagens, Welding Fume and Metal Working Fluids.

The text from their news bulletin is as follows:-

HSE Inspection Plan 2016/17

The purpose of this year’s inspection programme is to target sectors where carcinogens and/or asthmagens are regularly used, produced or process generated to ensure the risks are properly managed and to reduce the incidence of serious health effects from exposure. Parts of engineering are included in the programme.

Ill health effects from exposure to respiratory sensitisers and/or carcinogens can be chronic and life-changing.

Every year many workers develop occupational asthma or occupational cancer as a result of exposures to substances in their workplace.

The focus of the inspections this year will be on control of exposure to metal working fluids (MWF’s) and welding fume.

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