LATEST LEV Jobs ! – Time for a Change?

Time for a Change? Looking to Move Up?  Start a new Career in LEV?

The LEV job market is very buoyant at the moment with more employers looking for suitable candidates than ever before.

Below is a current listing of some of the jobs available for viewing on our sister website at:-

Vacancies span the range from fully qualified, skilled and competent LEV operators through to new entrants/improvers. is the dedicated forum for placing LEV Job adverts and posting CVs.  Remember too – it is still entirely free for employers to post adverts – and for candidates wishing to post (anonymously) their details.

  • Thinking of a change?
  • Interested to set out in a new career in LEV?
  • First port of call is always
  • Bookmark LEVJobs as new vacancies constantly being added!

Click on Job Titles below to view full Job Advert details:-

LEV Test Engineer                                      Scotland

Trainee LEV Test Engineer                     Ireland, SW, SE

LEV Test Engineer (Offshore)                Offshore

LEV Technician                                             Midlands, NW

LEV Technician                                             NE

LEV Design Engineer                                 UK wide

Duct Installation Engineer                     UK wide

Installation Engineer (LEV)                    UK wide

LEV Engineer                                                 SE

Proj Engnr LEV (Graduate)                      SE

Trainee Sales Engineer (LEV)                 Midlands

Mech Proj Engineer (LEV)                       Midlands

LEV Test Engineer                                        Midlands

Occupational Hygienist                            Midlands, NW



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