LEV Testing – Labels Printing Service

Some of you will already know that we don’t stand around griping (well not all of the time) – so when we received a number of feedbacks about the lack of small print-run labels at reasonable cost – we rose to the challenge.

We bought an Epson label printer and a range of label rolls (in standard widths as on the attachment below).  The labels feel a bit like paper but they are in fact polythene – and they are of the grade used for labelling chemical bottles – so should be robust.

If you send us a logo in jpeg format we will even include that on your label free of charge.  So no artwork or ink set-up costs (or various other costs that printers seem to add on).  The prices on the attached sheet are what we believe we can print for.  The main cost (as you can imagine) is in the ink.  So if your label design involves heavy colour bleed over the whole label – that can put the costs up a wee bitty.

Turn-around time is usually a few days but if we are on training courses – it might just take a couple of days longer.

Hope you find this a useful service ….. and if you do – please provide feedback?

LEV_Label Examples with Costs

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