At OXYL8 we appreciate that sometimes a delegate will attend one of our LEV Training Courses and then, following success in the exams ….. finds they are a bit out on their own on such issues as (for example) the practical side of conducting LEV testing.  Maybe needing a bit of confidence/support …..?

In addition some time may have elapsed between success in the exams and preparing Case Studies/Reports etc

To address these issues we have a group of very approachable LEV Experts who can Tutor/Mentor the delegate in these topics as required.


On a practical level the Mentors may (by arrangement) permit a delegate to ‘shadow’ them on actual site LEV Examination and Testing work where the delegate can gain additional practical experience under the guidance of a friendly, supportive Expert.

Tutors/Mentors may also be able to offer one-on-one tutoring on matters related to the completion of Case Studies/Reports etc – please NOTE – they cannot do your Case Studies or Reports for you – but the Tutor/Mentor can provide additional teaching/tutoring in areas where the delegate is experiencing some difficulties (eg maths, identifying faults etc).

This additional one-to-one Tutoring will come at a small (very reasonable) cost and can often be undertaken using Skype etc rather than face to face meetings.


Competence:  13 years’ experience now Designing, project managing, purchasing, LEV testing, commissioning, balancing & servicing of Local Exhaust Ventilation plant.

Holder of BOHS full suite of Accreditations P601, P602, P603, P604 & W201.  Also hold site specific safety qualifications such as IPAF, Forklift, various awareness certificates.

What can I offer OXYL8 delegates:

·         Friendly practical advice.

·         Access to sites/LEV Plant for the purposes of writing reports for attaining the P601 & P604 Certification.

·         Accompany delegates on site to undertake the Thorough Examination and Test of LEV Plant re attaining the P601 & P604 Certification.

·         Field based LEV training/supervision to gain experience in testing LEV.

·         Desktop review of LEV reports.

·         Design of LEV Plant.

·         Control Reviews.

Louise Woods

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