P600 “Methods for Testing the Performance of LEV” – Recently Launched BOHS LEV Course

Latest in the P600 series of LEV course and, funnily enough, this one is called P600!

OXYL8 have added this course to the suite of LEV training courses we offer.

This one-day event has been designed to enable delegates to identify and correctly use appropriate LEV flow-visualisation and measurement techniques (LEV Test Instruments) to test the performance of Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) systems under supervision.

P600 – Methods for Testing the Performance of Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Systems training course is, for example, an ideal starting point for a delegate who wishes to progress in the field of LEV Examination and Testing but who requires an introductory foundation to the subject of using LEV test instruments etc (with limited maths!) which then allows them to gain further field experience before progressing to the Level 4 “Competency” P601 LEV course (LEV Examination & Testing).

Book this course by following the link:- P600 – See Available Dates & Make a Booking

You can download a copy of the full course details here:-  P600 Course Specification

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